Online Psychologists


Online Psychologists Australia offer a team of professional and skilled psychologists who deliver therapy via phone or video. We use therapies proven to be effective in achieving well-being and healthy relationships

Online Psychologists Australia offer:

  • Warm and caring psychologists right within their private practice rooms

  • Personal matching to a psychologist who suits your needs

  • Medicare rebated sessions

Online psychology sessions that are easy and convenient

Online Psychologists Australia ensure ease and convenience by offering:​

  • Access to experienced psychologists, no matter your location

  • Simple set up for your online sessions

  • After-hours and weekend appointment options

Online therapy designed to achieve positive outcomes

Online Psychologists Australia use therapies proven by research to be effective in achieving well-being.

Our skilled psychologists work with you to achieve your goals by tailoring their approach to you as an individual. We offer online therapy for:


Anxiety & Panic Attacks

Relationship Difficulties

Trauma & PTSD


Obsessions and Compulsions

Eating Disorders & Poor Body Image


Chronic Health Problems

Grief and Loss

Anger Problems



Social Anxiety

Online Psychologists Australia

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