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Professional anger management therapy, online via telehealth.

Anger is one of our primary human emotions, an intense emotional state that involves a strong uncomfortable and non-cooperative response to perceived provocation, hurt or threat.


A person experiencing anger will often feel physical effects including increased heart rate, elevated blood pressure and increased levels of adrenaline.

Get professional anger management therapy, online today.
We offer a free 15-minute initial consultation to match you with the right psychologist.


While anger is a completely normal human emotion experienced by almost everyone from time-to-time, if its intensity, frequency or expression is must be addressed.


When present, uncontrolled anger often overrides other emotions and becomes so dominant it can impact clear decision making.  Unmanaged anger can have very serious consequences for an individual’s personal health and relationships.


Anger issues often stem from deeper unresolved issues which allows anger to surface rapidly and intensely – unmanaged or uncontrolled anger causes societal issues which can present as things like:

  • Road rage

  • Office or workplace rage

  • Physical assaults or domestic violence

  • Assaults of frontline workers including paramedics, nurses or retail assistants

  • Family or child abuse

Issues managing anger are more common than you may think, according to statistics collected by the British Association of Anger Management, around one in ten adults admit to having trouble controlling their anger or rage.

However, 32% of individuals say they have a close friend or family member who has issues controlling their anger.


Online anger management therapy delivered via telehealth is not a new concept and was already growing at a steady rate prior to 2020.


However, during the global pandemic two factors at play greatly accelerated the adoption of online anger management counselling:

  1. Forced social distancing which made e-health and online treatment the norm

  2. Increased feelings of social isolation, heightened levels of uncertainty as a result of ongoing health concerns, record levels of job-loss and unemployment increased levels of frustration which made anger more prevalent and difficult to manage.

Medicare rebated anger management therapy with a personally experienced Australian psychologist

One of the misconceptions with online anger management therapy when compared to face-to-face support is that it’s not rebated through Medicare or as part of a Mental Health Care Plan – this is not the case.


At Online Psychologists Australia our sessions are claimable through Medicare. You’ll be individually matched with an expert psychologist that best meets your unique needs and preferences so that your online anger management therapy can be as effective as possible.

How do you know it’s time to engage professional help for your anger?

While anger is a normal, instinctual response experienced by all humans, unmanaged anger can have very serious consequences. Some of the signs you should engage in professional help for anger include:

  • You frequently become angry, and later regret your actions

  • The intensity of your anger is disproportionate to the event which triggered the response

  • Anger has caused you to harm or abuse others emotionally or physically

  • You cause yourself harm physically during an outburst of anger

  • You become angry for no apparent reason, or simply just feel angry

  • You’ve been told by friends or family you should get help for your anger management


At Online Psychologists Australia our highly skilled and experienced team is aware that every individual’s struggle with anger management is unique, and anger presents itself differently in everybody.

For this reason, when engaging in online anger management, we’ll personally match you with a psychologist that best meets your needs and preferences.


Your personally matched psychologist will use evidence-based methodologies delivered online which will help you overcome your issues managing anger.

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How do we offer anger management therapy online?

At Online Psychologists Australia, all of our psychologists are expertly trained professionals with a history of success when treating patients struggling with managing their anger.

Getting anger management support online with Online Psychologists Australis is Medicare rebated, allowing you to focus on recovery.

Our psychologists never prescribe a one-size fits all approach to treating anger management issues, but rather employ a host of evidence-based treatments and methods proven to help you unlock the cause of your anger issues, so that you can experience a higher quality of life, not only for yourself but your loved ones also.

Our psychological treatment methods create fantastic outcomes for our patients, the methods deliver not only great results in the short term, but also provide our patients with the tools required to cope with their anger in the future

Some of the methods when providing online anger management treatment include:

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectal Behavioural Therapy (DBT)
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
  • Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT)
  • Schema Therapy
  • Exposure and Response Prevention Therapy (ERP)
  • Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT)

What are the benefits of engaging in anger management therapy online?

The fact that the counselling and therapy is available online means the barrier to engaging is much lower – this makes it much easier for participants to take the first step and overcome their anger management issues.

Other benefits of engaging in online anger management therapy include:

  • Added flexibility around treatment times (after or even before regular working hours)
  • Reduced pressure or treatment stress for the patient
  • Private and discreet sessions
  • Medicare rebated sessions
  • Patients often feel more comfortable engaging in counselling online, and this can actually speed up their recovery process
  • Patients are more likely to keep up consistent sessions due to added convenience

Common types of anger issues we regularly treat

Anger is expressed very differently by every individual, however no matter you age, gender, race or background there is no immunity to experiencing anger. There are ten common types of anger, understanding these and reflecting upon your own experience with anger can greatly assist the process in managing anger. Here are the ten common types of anger:

  • Volatile Anger – This is anger that seems to come out of nowhere, where you’re quick to escalate over even minor annoyances or discomfort. Often you will calm down shortly after the outburst however if left unchecked volatile anger can evolve into violent outbursts.
  • Verbal Anger – Often perceived as being less harmful, as it’s not a violent form of anger, verbal anger can be incredibly damaging to relationships and is often the cause of ongoing emotional and psychological abuse. Typically, with verbal anger the individually feels ashamed, regretful or apologetic afterwards.

  • Self-abusive Anger – This type of anger is shame based, where internalised feelings can become negative self-talk, substance abuse, disordered eating or other self-destructive behaviours.

  • Retaliatory Anger – Usually this is an instinctual response to being confronted or feeling threatened. It is one of the most common forms of anger and is motivated by revenge or delivering retribution for the wrongdoing (or perceived wrongdoing).

  • Passive-aggressive Anger – This is a very common form of fear driven anger where the individual avoids confrontation at all costs (even denying or repressing genuine feelings of frustration). Passive-aggressive individuals may express this through sarcasm, veiled mockery or in behaviours such as chronic procrastination at work. This form of anger can have dire personal and professional outcomes.

  • Overwhelmed Anger – This type of anger usually occurs when a situation or circumstance goes beyond our control resulting in feelings of frustration, stress and hopelessness. It’s a build-up of taking too much on or the compound effect of having too many stresses which results in an eruption of anger.

  • Judgemental Anger – Usually this is a reaction or a perceived injustice or somebody else’s shortcomings. What often is underlying judgemental anger is a core belief that you’re better than, or less than others. Judgmental anger assumes a morally superior stance of ‘justified fury’

  • Chronic Anger – Feelings of an ongoing and general sense of resentment or frustration towards other people and even oneself. It often manifests itself by a continuous sense of irritation, and individuals with this type of anger can experience a profound impact on their negative physical health.

  • Behavioural Anger – This is the choice to respond physically in the presence of anger. This type of anger is often aggressive, and at the extreme end of the spectrum, violent. This type of anger creates the motivation to harm somebody else such as throwing things towards somebody or physically assaulting them.
    Expressing anger in this way often has very negative legal, professional and personal consequences.

  • Assertive Anger – this is a constructive response to anger. It is the type of response where the individual uses feelings of rage or frustration as a catalyst or motivator for positive change. Rather than responding negatively, assertive anger can create change without causing distress or destruction.

Most individuals we treat are not categorised into one of these types, but rather experience multiple types to varying degrees. The team at Online Psychologists Australia will work with you to develop tools to identify anger as it is forming and to help you develop the tools to deescalate yourself.

What can you expect from online anger management therapy?

Before you officially start your treatment – you’ll have a free 15-minute consultation so that we’re able to match you with a psychologist that best meets your unique needs, and your preferences.


Once you begin treatment, the psychologist treating you will take the time to understand you as an individual. You will find the conversation takes place in a completely safe, private and comforting manner – your highly skilled psychologist is there to help you, not to judge you.


Depending on your individual needs and circumstances, the psychologist treating you can draw on a range of evidence-based methodologies to help you recover from your anger issues.

Complete anger management won’t happen overnight, and more often than not, you will have some ‘homework’ or tasks to perform in-between sessions. These small tasks often involve being present and aware during day-to-day life and will help you make progress between sessions.

Get anger management therapy online today with a professional psychologist today

Reaching out and accessing support for anger management issues can be tough, however the benefits of doing can be lifechanging.


Our professional, empathetic and understanding team of psychologists are ready to help you overcome your issues with anger.


At Online Psychologists Australia, we offer a free, no obligation 15-minute consultation where we’ll personally match you with a psychologist that best meets your unique needs.


All of our sessions are claimable with Medicare rebates.


Get the help you need today.

Andy, 28

"The privacy and comfort of having sessions online, but still face-to-face over Zoom made me feel so much more at ease. I was able to open-up much quicker and felt like I was making progress after just my first session."

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Liz, 41

"Being able to book in appointments that work around my schedule has been incredible. Speaking to Rob has had the most positive impact on my mental wellbeing given the isolation I experienced in 2020."

Amita, 22

"The fact I was able to get medicare rebate on my sessions made the whole process so much easier. I've already recommended Online Psychologists Australia to a few friends that have been struggling lately.

Get professional anger management therapy, online today.
We offer a free 15-minute initial consultation to match you with the right psychologist.

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