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Professional Online PTSD counselling

Professional and private PTSD counselling, online via telehealth.

Trauma affects everybody differently.


For some, trauma may lay dormant – making itself present in unexpected waves of unbearable pain, guilt, shame or regret. For others, trauma is a constant cloud leaving us feeling numb, confused, dull or ashamed.

Trauma, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can leave you feeling isolated and helpless.

Get professional PTSD
counselling, online today.

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However, you are not alone.


The Australian Family Physician (AFP) collected statistics that indicate around 4.4% of Adult Australians have experienced PTSD over the past twelve months, and 7.7% of Australians will experience Post Traumatic Stress Disorder at some point in their lives.


Trauma is so often the precursor for other significant mental illnesses. It has shown to be a defining factor in the development of conditions such as psychosis, schizophrenia, personality disorders, depression and anxiety disorders.


Trauma often leads us with the desire to numb ourselves to avoid pain, leading to issues with substance abuse issues including sedatives and alcohol.


Online PTSD counselling delivered via telehealth is not a new concept and was already growing at a steady rate prior to 2020.


However, during the global pandemic two factors at play greatly accelerated the adoption of online treatment for people suffering from trauma:

  • Forced social distancing made e-health and online treatment the normal means of support

  • Social isolation, heightened levels of uncertainty as a result of ongoing health concerns, record levels of job-loss and unemployment left many more Australians feeling vulnerable and anxious

Medicare rebated PTSD counselling with a personally matched, experienced psychologist.

One of the misconceptions with online Post Traumatic Stress Disorder treatment, when compared to face-to-face support, is that it’s not available under Medicare or as part of a Mental Health Care Plan – this is not the case.


At Online Psychologists Australia our sessions are rebated as part of Medicare. You’ll be individually matched with an expert psychologist that best meets your unique needs and preferences so that your PTSD treatment can be treated as effectively as possible.

What is trauma?

Trauma can be described as any event or series of events that cause extreme, intense feelings of shock, regret or horror. Broadly speaking, there are two types of trauma one can experience, single incident trauma and complex trauma.

Single Incident Trauma refers to experiencing ‘one-off’ events or incidents such as a witnessing a serious crime, the avoidable death of a loved one, a car accident or a sexual assault.


Complex Trauma refers to multiple traumas over an extended period of time. Most often this type of trauma involves other people. For example, prolonged periods of physical, emotional or sexual abuse, family neglect or experiencing war.


When people experience trauma like this, they sometimes can develop symptoms of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) or Complex PTSD.

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  • What are the common symptoms of depression we encounter?
    It is important to remember that we all experience symptoms of depression from time to time, and that may not necessarily mean you are depressed. Everybody suffers from depression in their own unique way and no two experiences are identical, however, there are a number of common symptoms we encounter, which are often summarised by feeling down, miserable, sad or hopeless – the loss of interest or pleasure in usual activities you may enjoy. Symptoms can include: Withdrawing from friends and family Restlessness Feeling perpetually tired and fatigued Inability to concentrate or focus on one task Issues with sleep Mood swings Loss or change of appetite Relying on alcohol or sedatives Feeling overwhelmed, unhappy, irritable and sad Thoughts of worthlessness or hopelessness
  • How do we treat depression?
    All of our psychologists are highly trained professionals with a history of success when treating patients suffering from symptoms of depression. Our psychologists don’t prescribe a one-size fits all approach to treating depression, but rather employ a host of evidence-based treatments and therapies proven to help alleviate the symptoms of depression. Your dedicated and personally matched psychologists may use any number of the following techniques: Schema Focused Therapy Assertiveness Training Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Solution Focused Brief Therapy Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Mindfulness and Relaxation Techniques Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy Compassion Focused Therapy Behavioural Therapy Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR)
  • What are the benefits of seeking help?
    The upsides of seeking and receiving help for depression are immense. The experienced and professional team at Online Psychologists Australia have seen hundreds of patients experience benefits such as: Improved relationships and friendships Improved physical health Improved sleep and rest Improved feelings of happiness and a restoration of energy Feelings of a burden being lifted Sharper thinking and a better memory A healthier lifestyle A lower risk of future depression, as patients are often better equipped to deal with depressive periods

What can you expect from online PTSD therapy?

Before you officially start your therapy – you’ll have a chat with someone in our team so that we’re able to match you with a psychologist that best meets your unique needs, and your preferences.


Once you begin treatment, the psychologist treating you will take the time to understand you as an individual. You will find the conversation takes place in a completely safe, private and comforting manner – your highly skilled psychologist is there to help you.


Depending on your individual needs and circumstances, the psychologist treating you can draw on a range of evidence-based methodologies to help you recover from the trauma.

Recovering from PTSD won’t happen overnight, and more often than not, you will have some ‘homework’ or tasks to perform in-between sessions. These small tasks often involve being present and aware during day-to-day life and will help you make progress between sessions.

Get PTSD Support online today with a professional psychologist

Reaching out and accessing support for struggles overcoming significant trauma can be tough, however the benefits of doing can be life-changing.


Our warm, empathetic and understanding team of professionals are ready to help.


At Online Psychologists Australia, we offer a free, no obligation chat where we’ll personally match you with a psychologist that best meets your unique PTSD needs.


All of our sessions are claimable with a Medicare rebate.


Get the help you need today.

Andy, 28

"The privacy and comfort of having sessions online, but still face-to-face over Zoom made me feel so much more at ease. I was able to open-up much quicker and felt like I was making progress after just my first session."

What our clients are saying

Liz, 41

"Being able to book in appointments that work around my schedule has been incredible. Speaking to Rob has had the most positive impact on my mental wellbeing given the isolation I experienced in 2020."

Amita, 22

"The fact I was able to get medicare rebate on my sessions made the whole process so much easier. I've already recommended Online Psychologists Australia to a few friends that have been struggling lately.

Get professional PTSD
counselling, online today.

Register your details below and our friendly team will be in touch to assist further.

If you're having thoughts of self-harm or suicide.

If you’re having thoughts of self-harm or suicide, there are many organisations that can help you 24 hours, 7 days a week. They include:

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