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Online Couples Counselling

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Revitalise Your Relationship with Couples Therapy

Welcome to our couples therapy program, where we offer a holistic approach to enhancing your relationship and fostering a deeper connection with your partner.

Our experienced therapists understand that every couple is unique, and we tailor our sessions to address your specific needs and concerns. Through compassionate guidance and evidence-based techniques, we help couples navigate:

  • Communication breakdowns: We facilitate open and constructive communication to resolve conflicts and strengthen emotional bonds.

  • Intimacy and trust issues: Our therapists create a safe space for couples to explore vulnerabilities, rebuild trust, and reignite intimacy.

  • Relationship dynamics: We explore the dynamics of your relationship, identify patterns and behaviours that may contribute to discord, and work together to cultivate healthier dynamics.

  • Coping with life transitions: Whether you're navigating major life changes such as marriage, parenthood, or career shifts, we provide support and guidance to navigate transitions and maintain a strong partnership.


Additionally, our therapists understand that individuals within a couple may have their own unique challenges and concerns. While couples counselling primarily focuses on the relationship, we also offer an individual approach within couples therapy sessions. This allows each partner to explore their personal experiences, emotions, and perspectives in a supportive environment.

Please note: Couples therapy sessions do not qualify for Medicare rebates.

Invest in your relationship today and take the first step towards a happier, healthier partnership. Contact us to schedule your couples therapy session.

"The privacy and comfort of having sessions online, but still face-to-face online made me feel so much more at ease. I was able to open-up much quicker and felt like I was making progress after just my first session."

Andy, 28

What our clients are saying

"Being able to book in appointments that work around my schedule has been incredible. Speaking to Rob has had the most positive impact on my mental wellbeing given the isolation I experienced in 2020."

Liz, 41

"The fact I was able to get medicare rebate on my sessions made the whole process so much easier. I've already recommended Online Psychologists Australia to a few friends that have been struggling lately.

Amita, 22

If you're having thoughts of self-harm or suicide.

If you’re having thoughts of self-harm or suicide, there are many organisations that can help you 24 hours, 7 days a week. They include:

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