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Why You May Need to Access Online Counselling in Australia

There are many barriers people face to accessing online counselling in Australia. For

example, you may live rurally in Australia, and feel uncomfortable consulting the local

psychologists in your nearby town because you know them personally.

Unfortunately, barriers like these, mean many people in Australia who are struggling with

their mental health miss out on seeking support.

What are the consequences of Australians missing out on online counselling?

There are consequences to the individual as well as to the larger community when

Australians miss out on seeking “much needed” psychological support.

First, an individual’s mental health may deteriorate without mental health support. For

example, if you start to experience depressive symptoms, you may reduce your social

contact with friends and family, which may lead to loneliness – thus, worsening your

depression. With worsening depression, you may further cut off social contact with friends

and family, leaving you extremely vulnerable and possibly at risk of suicide.

Second, there are large scale consequences to Australians not being able to access mental

health support. For instance, unsupported people may only seek support when they’re

desperate and require more intensive support. However, unfortunately, there are limited

services available that offer intensive support. This “bottle neck” in mental health

treatment, means many people suffering with severe mental health conditions are not able

to access help.

Common reasons people consider Online Counselling

There are a few common reasons people may consider seeking online counselling in

Australia, including:

If you live in a rural or remote region. If you’re living rurally or remotely in Australia you may

find it hard to access face-to-face support. Even if driving a small distance means you can

access a psychologist, you may not be able to find the right psychologist for you.

If your mental health is so debilitating that you cannot attend a face-to-face appointment

with a psychologist. For example, some people may struggle to leave the house due to their

anxiety. This may be caused by a condition known as agoraphobia, where the individual’s

anxiety is so high that it prohibits their ability to attend public places. Similarly, you may

struggle to leave the house due to a high level of depression, which leaves you feeling

exhausted and unmotivated to get ready in the morning.

You can’t find the right psychologist for you locally. If you suffer from a mental health

condition that requires specialist support, you may not be able to access the right face-to-

face psychological support. For example, if you suffer from an eating disorder or trauma,

you will need a psychologist specially trained in this field. Often these psychologists are

difficult to find and consulting a psychologist online may be an easier way to access the type

of help you need.

How can Online Psychologists Australia help?

Our team of psychologists have been specially selected according to their experience and

specific areas of training. This means we have psychologists for every area of mental health.

As well, to ensure you feel as comfortable as possible, all of our psychologists are warm and

friendly. When you call or email Online Psychologists Australia, we take the time to

personally match you to a psychologist who will suit your needs. If you would like some

professional support contact us today at Online Psychologists Australia.


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