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What’s different about Online Psychologists Australia?

Not all psychologists and practices are equal. Often people think that all psychologists practice the same way – it’s a fair thought: “surely all psychologists use the best strategies and are trained equally well, right?”

Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, although there are many psychologists and many different approaches, they vary wildly in how much they help people.

Disappointing, isn’t it? But is it any different for GP’s, mechanics, football players or anyone else? So what makes the difference and how does Online Psychologists Australia ensure that our clients get something better than the average experience?

Simple. It’s all about the right fit, expertise, and outcomes.

The right fit means that not all psychologists will be right for you. Do you prefer someone with a sense of humour or someone more serious? Do need someone who’s going to be able to help you heal wounds from childhood or someone who’s better at helping with current relationships. In the same way that there are mechanics who specialise in electronics and others who are great with engines, psychologists have their strengths too. That’s why Online Psychologists Australia finds out about the broad kinds of issues and preferences you have and matches you with the right person – for the right fit. It’s about personality, the therapeutic approach, and connection.

But there is one thing that we know most people care about more than anything in else in online counselling: results.

How long should you see a psychologist before you think, “hmmm I’m not really progressing, maybe psychology can’t really help me”. No! It’s not that psychology can’t help, it might just be that there hasn’t been enough attention given to your progress. If progress is at the front of your mind and your online psychologist’s, it makes a significant difference. Our psychologists keep progress as a priority and check to make sure that they are "getting it", and that the strategies they are using are bringing about the results you want.

To put it bluntly: our focus at Online Psychologists Australia is good relationships and helping people to feel better. This means that our online counsellors focus on outcomes and how the therapy is progressing. It can be understandably difficult for people to tell their psychologist that a certain strategy might not be working, and so we make it easy to ensure that you’re heading in a direction that feels right for you, using strategies that fit you best.

So overall, please don’t think that all psychologists are alike, or that one psychology practice is like all psychology practices. There are apples and oranges. And if you want the best chance at success always consider whether you’re being matched with someone who has the right expertise, who is a good fit for you, and who has a solid focus on your progress towards better health and well-being. We want the best for all Australians and think that's the way to do it.



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