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Craig Russouw


I started counselling in 2003 and since this time have supported many people on their health journey. Being able work in partnership with someone to gain a better understanding of themselves and improve their wellbeing and experience of life is a privilege, and my biggest motivations for being a psychologist.


I am a relationship based professional, and pride myself on being able to establish engaging and healing relationships with clients and their carers, in a safe and calming space. I am able to start conversations about mental health with people who may be anxious about discussing this or attending counselling, particularly young people, and specialise in being able to connect with young boys and men. 

I have also managed large teams, projects and budgets in agile and demanding work environments, and am able to effectively utilise this experience to provide psychological and practical support to managers and executives in areas of personal wellbeing, high stress environments and team management.  

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