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What is Online Depression Therapy?

Online depression therapy is a highly effective treatment that targets feelings, thoughts and behaviours associated with depression. Typically, psychologists who deliver therapy for depression online use an evidence-based treatment called Cognitive-behavioural Therapy or CBT. Cognitive-behavioural Therapy (CBT) is designed to empower clients to learn skills and coping techniques that will lift their mood and improve their engagement in life.

What does online depression therapy typically involve?

Online depression therapy typically requires weekly support with a psychologist via web-based services, such as skype or zoom. Sessions usually go for 50 minutes and focus on working towards mutually agreed upon goals.

In the early phase of therapy, your psychologist will take the time to understand you and the difficulties you are facing. Your psychologist will share their thoughts and ideas about your difficulties, to ensure a shared mutual understanding.

Following gaining an understanding of your difficulties, you and your psychologist will set goals to improve your well-being. For example, let’s say you’re having difficulties with your romantic relationship, which is contributing to feeling depressed – you may form a goal with your psychologist to improve your relationship satisfaction.

After goal-setting, you and your online psychologist will work towards your goals. To do this, your psychologist will help you deepen your insight into underlying causes to your depression, as well as empower you with knowledge and strategies to improve your mood.

As you continue through therapy, you and your psychologist will continually review your progress and monitor your goals. When your mood and sense of well-being starts to improve, you may discuss reducing sessions to fortnightly or monthly.

How long does online depression therapy take?

Online depression therapy can take varying periods of time depending on a few factors. Typically, if you’re experiencing mild to moderate depression, and you’re managing to keep up with your work or study and your relationships are relatively intact, you may only require up to 6 sessions to improve your mood and alleviate symptoms of depression. Alternatively, if you’re experiencing severe depression, you may require longer treatment. For example, if your depression has resulted in significant social isolation and/or you’re struggling to attend work or to study, you are more likely to require more than 10 sessions with your online psychologist.

What outcomes do I expect from online depression therapy?

While the outcomes you expect from therapy may vary depending on your goals, you can expect overall improvements in your relationships, self-esteem and confidence, your sense of hope for the future, and your mood. At the end of therapy with your online psychologist, you should feel generally happier and more relaxed about your future.

How can Online Psychologists Australia help?

Our team of Australian-based online psychologists are highly experienced and competent in providing depression therapy. Our psychologists use evidence-based therapies, such as CBT, to achieve the best results and outcomes for our clients. We also ensure all of our psychologists and warm and friendly, making the interaction online comfortable and trustworthy. If you would like some professional assistance, contact us today to be personally matched to a psychologist who suits your needs.


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