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Susanna Zito.jpeg

Dr Susanna Zito

Clinical Psychologist

Bachelor of Science (Honours)
Doctor of Psychology (Clinical)

Susanna is a Clinical Psychologist, who loves travel, yoga, and good food.


She has completed postgraduate studies at the Doctoral level and has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with Honours from London University in the UK.    


Her work experience includes roles with government and non government organisations in Australia and  internationally,  training counsellors of local NGOs in Fiji, working in rehabilitation settings in Thailand, and leading Yoga and Wellness retreats in Bali. She is also a level 2 (500 hrs) Yoga Teacher with an interest and specialisation in Trauma Sensitive Yoga. 


She love's her work and especially helping people deal with a range of issues including stress, anxiety, depression, trauma or complex life transitions. Susanna has a particular interest is working with young adults and teenagers.


Specifically, she works with clients using CBT and ACT strategies, Mindfulness, EMDR and Clinical Hypnosis depending on needs and preferences. Most importantly, Susanna aims to offer a safe and supportive space in which challenges can be safely explored and addressed so that life can be shifted in one's  preferred direction.

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