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Maya Floyd

Maya Floyd

Bachelor of Arts (Psychology)

Postgraduate Diploma of Psychology

Master of Counselling and Psychotherapy

Maya has over 17 years’ experience in counselling and psychology in non-government organisations and private practice, providing services to adolescents, adults, and families.


Her unique blend of existentially-oriented approach and background in psychology allows clients to experience counselling that is deeply personal to their concerns, supportive of their values, and begins with the client's experience and understanding of the problem.

Maya is highly skilled in hearing her clients’ core concerns and offering interventions that are unique to the situation, meaningful to the client’s experience of the problem, and firmly grounded in psychology and psychotherapy research.

From mindfulness, creative writing, relaxation and creative visualisation, to ‘empty chair’ work, or more ‘traditional’ psychology interventions (such as CBT), Maya’s skills and expertise are applied with careful observation and respect to the uniqueness of each client and their needs.

Maya is deeply passionate about the transformative power of good psychotherapy and its potential to free us to live courageously, feel deeply, and connect with a purpose and with one another, while simultaneously helping us shoulder the risks and fears inherent in embracing our existence
and all its aspects.

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