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Mandy Stone

Mandy Stone

Bachelor of Science (Honours)

How long has Mandy been a psychologist?

30 years!


Where has she worked in the past, and what kinds of work has she done throughout her career?

As a psychologist, Mandy has provided coaching and counselling to executive and middle managers across almost every industry. In 1995, she established one of Victoria’s most successful privately-owned occupational rehabilitation providers, which offers an Employee Assistance Program. As the Managing Director, Mandy established, coached, and developed a leadership team from a group of staff with no previous management experience.

Over the 18 years that Mandy owned and ran this rehabilitation provider, she developed a team of high-performing managers while also ensuring that she retained her skills as a psychologist by managing a range of challenging cases. Additionally, since the sale of the business in 2012, Mandy has continued to provide a range of psychological strategies to employees of a wide range of industries. Some of these clients include: emergency services workers, clients with disability or chronic illness and/or their carers, clients seeking support through formal workplace processes and career change, working professionals, and parents, teenagers, and individuals struggling with fertility.  

Mandy has worked with a range of clients from varying minority groups including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, other cultures, language, differently abled and LGBTQI+ (including gender diverse). She has a special interest in trauma, conflict resolution, support for carers and people with health conditions, women's health and fertility, and career transition.

How does Mandy approach therapy?

Mandy is client-centred and solution- focused. She is empathetic and compassionate in her ability to relate to people across a wide range of ages, genders, and cultures. She would also like you know that she's young at heart, with a quirky sense of humour!

What therapy types and models does she use?

Mandy uses Motivational Interviewing, CBT, Schema Therapy, ACT, and Psychodynamic theory in her approach. 

Why is Mandy passionate about therapy? What does she love about it?

There is a certain sense of fulfilment that comes from working together with a client. She appreciates the willingness of her clients to form a collaborative partnership with her, to support them along their life's journey, while also making sure that she understands and honours their choices.

How does she help clients reach their goals?

Mandy understands that many clients don’t really know how to pinpoint what it is exactly that makes them seek counselling. She enjoys being able to help them clarify their own goals, ensuring that it is their voice she am attending to - as sometimes we have our own ideas about ourselves that are greatly influenced by other strong-minded people. Helping her clients to verbalise and set achievable goals, and then breaking those goals down into more manageable steps, is large part of her process.

Is there anything else Mandy would like you to know? 

Mandy is a mother of 3 young adults, and surrogate mother to many of her children's friends.  She has learnt so much from watching these young adults grow: about life, resilience and enjoyment of living. She has worked her entire life, and has mostly been able to achieve an excellent  balance between work, family and “me” time.


A keen baker and cook, Mandy is inquisitive about people and their stories. She believes that when you truly enjoy what you are doing, the rest simply flows.

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