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Kim Butterworth

Kim Butterworth

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Psychology


Kim has been working as a registered psychologist for 13 years, achieving full registration in 2009. 

Throughout her career, Kim has worked in the public sector for both the Commonwealth and state organisations, as well as in private practice settings. She has worked with people from many different walks of life, but particularly adolescents and adults in rural and remote areas.

Kim is energetic and passionate, a style she brings along to her therapeutic work, where she provides a trauma-informed, client-centered approach.


Her style is candid and fun, whilst maintaining a focus on the client's goals; and she works together with her clients to ensure that they feel comfortable, seen, and heard. She believes that trust and openness is extremely important to the therapy process. 

Kim has always felt honoured to be able to share in other people's personal journeys, and even more so when she is able to offer them some kind of assistance in building their understanding and appreciation of themselves along the way. 

In her down time, Kim enjoys exploring her creative side and spending time with family, friends, and her two sausage dogs. She is currently working towards her Master of Neuroscience as well, and has greatly enjoyed learning more about this field throughout her studies.

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