Helen Lenga


Bachelor of Behavioural Science,  Bachelor of social work, MAPS

In Helen's early career as a Psychologist she worked in the Mental Health system of Victoria. This inlcuded working in a large psychiatric hospital (Mont Park), a small country psychiatric hospital (Ambermere) and a Community Mental Heath Clinic (Clarendon Clinic). Helen then took a detour and worked in the creative arts in drama, dance and improvisation and eventually used these skills to work in psychiatric, educational and group settings to assist children, young people and adults with emotional and psychological concerns.


Since then, Helen has been working in Private Practice and consulting with a wide range of organisations running training, supervision and case consultations both within Australia and internationally (China, India and Nepal). Some of the organisations she's consulted with include Anglicare, Berry Street, Lighthouse Institute, VACCA, QEC, KidsMatter, Australian Red Cross and Unison Community Housing.


When counselling, Helen focuses on building strong and trusting relationships with clients to create a safe place for people to open up and tell their stories. She's passionate about - and grateful for - the privilege of hearing people’s stories unfold. When people can make sense of their experiences it can help them move towards a more satisfying, creative and positive way in which to live and interact with themselves and others.


Helen believes that when people increase their self knowledge it can make a huge difference in their lives. It enables choices and ways of understanding that can lead to behaviour changes that free them from old and unhelpful ways of being.