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Heather Marie

Heather Marie
Clinical Psychologist

Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) (Honours)

Master of Clinical Psychology

Heather Marie is a clinical psychologist with more than 25 years of experience in health & mental health care
settings throughout Australia, particularly Perth and Melbourne.

She is passionate about the mind-body connection, and how psychological, social and physical factors interact with each other to determine our health and wellbeing.


Heather Marie originally started out as a nurse, which grew her interest in how the body responds to trauma, worry and stress, along with how health problems affect mental health and wellbeing. She then studied psychology, and now uses holistic approaches to therapy that consider the mind and body. For example, she works with clients to improve communication between the mind and the gut to relieve symptoms of IBS, and teaches clients to notice how their body responds to stress, allowing them to better manage stressful periods in their lives. 

Heather Marie's approach to therapy is warm, compassionate, and accepting. Once she learns more about a new client and their primary concerns, she works with them to find a clear path through difficulties, and sets realistic, achievable goals with them along the way.

Heather Marie uses therapeutic modalities that teach practical skills and strategies so that her clients can safely connect and reshape unhelpful behaviours. By identifying core values that inspire and motivate behavioural change in all areas of one's life, her clients are able to navigate daily experiences in new ways and learn psychological skills to effectively handle painful thoughts and feelings.

What else would Heather Marie like you to know?
In these unprecedented times, we’ve all experienced a lot of change and associated stress. This can feel overwhelming, and cause us to feel stuck in our relationships and work lives. Therapy can help you move forward towards the direction of the deeply satisfying and meaningful life that you truly deserve.


She looks forward to meeting you and working with you!

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