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Gloria Wong

Gloria Wong
Clinical Psychologist

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Psychology

Graduate Diplomas in Psychology and Psychotherapy

Master of Clinical Psychology

AHPRA / Board Approved Clinical Psychology Supervisor

Gloria has been working as a psychologist for nearly 10 years. Gloria’s passion for helping others has led her to undertake various roles in providing individual therapy for adolescents and adults who are coping with significant life changes and mental health barriers.


Gloria has assisted people with chronic mental health conditions in their search for meaningful employment and return to work. She has also offered treatment for people who have experienced traumatic road traffic incidents, as well as provided assessment and treatment support for older adults with mental health difficulties living in private homes and aged care facilities.


Earlier on in her career, Gloria enjoyed working with young children and parents to help address behaviours of concern and improve family relationships. She has also provided consultations to disability support workers with behaviour support plans and management strategies. 

It is important to Gloria that her clients feel comfortable and safe around her. This is why she takes on a collaborative approach to therapy, where the client’s input is highly encouraged and valued throughout the treatment process.


Gloria strives to build an honest and respectable working relationship with all her clients. The current research supports that a strong therapeutic relationship between the client and the psychologist is the most important factor to achieving a positive treatment outcome.

Gloria believes that being a psychologist is one of the most privileged jobs one could have. She feels very fortunate to have the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life and gain special insight into the clients’ view of the world. Gloria is grateful for her clients’ generosity, giving her the permission to walk beside them during the most difficult times and allowing her to bear witness to their vulnerability and growth.


These are only some of the things Gloria finds pleasantly unique about the therapy space and the essence that motivates her to continue working as a psychologist.  

Gloria is a married, working mother of two young children. She mostly enjoys working in private practice offering telehealth appointments because of its flexibility and great work life balance. Despite her busy schedule, she has recently mastered the Rubik’s cube (as well as the Mirror cube) with the intention of teaching her children - but to this day, her children have yet to show an interest to learn how to solve the cubes!

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