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Danielle Fisher

Danielle Fisher

Clinical Psychologist

Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)

Master of Clinical Psychology

I have been working as a Psychologist for over 15 years. I have experience in child, adolescent and adult mental health problems. My general style of therapy is warm, attentive, recovery focused, curious and highly collaborative. I am particularly passionate about understanding and working to overcome eating disorders and trauma based disorders with clients.


I have worked for a number of years with adult and child eating disorders including Anorexia and Bulimia Nervosa, ARFID and OSFED. Although these can be difficult disorders to overcome, I have been witness to many people who have made successful recoveries and I find this very rewarding to be a part of. I have also completed research with patients experiencing cancer and evaluated the usefulness of ACT based therapies in alleviating their mental health suffering.


I enjoy working from a client-centred approach in which the client drives what they want to get out of therapy – and how they get it. This means I check in regularly with you to see how you are feeling about the therapeutic process, whether you are feeling like it is moving in the direction you wish – and if not - how we can work on fixing that.


I generally like to use a bit of humour, will be curious to know about any good books or podcasts that you have come across lately, and will encourage you to never give up hope and always believe in yourself and your power and resilience to navigate your way through life.

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